Bonastra is awared Power consumption prediction model in 2018.

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Cloud architecture

Embrace the power of cloud computing to unlock cost savings, scalability, enhanced collaboration, and robust data security for your business success.

Energy HUB

An energy hub empowers you to efficiently manage and optimize your energy resources, leading to cost savings, sustainability, and a more resilient energy infrastructure.

Solar Efficiency

Bonastra's power disrupting software revolutionizes the way solar energy is managed, enabling efficient monitoring, optimization, and control of solar systems, maximizing energy generation and cost savings.

About Us

Bonastra is a trusted leader in IT, specializing in cybersecurity and serving the energy sector. We work closely with large companies, addressing their complex needs with tailored solutions. With expertise in cybersecurity, we protect businesses from evolving threats and safeguard sensitive data. Our team stays ahead of technological advancements to deliver robust security measures. In the energy sector, we optimize operations for prominent companies. Our solutions include advanced procurement platforms for industrial gas consumers and innovative switch modules for natural gas fired power plants.

At Bonastra, we prioritize building trust and reliability with our clients. We collaborate closely, understanding their goals to deliver tailored solutions. Choose Bonastra as your IT partner and experience our expertise and innovation.


Industrial gas consumer

Bonastra's expertise in developing a switch module for our natural gas fired power plant has been invaluable. Their solution has optimized our natural gas procurement process and enhanced the sales of the power generated. Furthermore, Bonastra ensured seamless integration with third-party systems in compliance with local regulations. We highly appreciate their professional and reliable services.


GFPP operator

At Bonastra, we take pride in our accomplishment of developing a cutting-edge switch module for operating a natural gas fired power plant. Our solution has proven instrumental in optimizing both natural gas procurement and power sales. Moreover, we ensured seamless integration with third-party systems, adhering to all local regulations. We are delighted to have delivered exceptional results through our professional and reliable services.


Solar power plant management

Award-winning solar plant management software is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline and optimize the operations of solar power plants. With its advanced features and capabilities, this software enables efficient monitoring, control, and maintenance of solar installations, ensuring maximum energy generation and return on investment.

Time series data modeling & prediction tools for highly seasonal data

2018 Award-winning mid-to-long term power consumption prediction model

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